Developing Treatment
for Malignant Tumors
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Developing Treatment for Malignant Tumors


Hyperthermia Treatment and the HEATT Procedure in San Jose, California

ThermalCore Inc. of San Jose, California, has developed a new hyperthermia treatment for cancer, available to customers around the world.
Hyperthermia has been successful in treating many cancers ranging from isolated tumors to regional applications and now a whole-body treatment. The process, a cancer treatment breakthrough by ThermalCore, is hyperthermia extracorporeal applied tumor treatment or HEATT. This treatment is an excellent option for patients with metastatic cancer.

Clinical Hyperthermia
Clinical hyperthermia is a non-traditional, yet effective, integrative approach to cancer treatment. The first use was in 1898 through the injection of toxins to induce a fever response in sarcoma patients. Currently hyperthermia is used for:

• Isolated Tumors — Direct Heat via Needle or Infrared Light
• Isolated Organs or Limbs — Direct Heating by Blood
• Regional Treatment through Direct Heating by Lavage
• Whole–Body, via Indirect Heating by Exposure and Submersion
• Whole–Body Directly Heated by HEATT


Whole-Body Hyperthermia
During the Whole-Body Hyperthermia treatment, the body temperature is maintained above 107.6-degrees Fahrenheit for up to 120-minutes. Whole-Body Hyperthermia is an excellent adjunctive treatment and salvage therapy for patients with systemic malignancies. 

What Does HEATT Do Better?
The HEATT technique developed by ThermalCore uses a combination of cardiac bypass, kidney dialysis and liver detoxification resulting in balanced blood chemistries and homogenous distribution of heat, while allowing precise control of the body temperature. Heated blood is returned to the patient from the device and then the heart's output is used to distribute the heat, allowing for rapid ramp-up of the core body temperatures and a higher sustained temperature. This creates a better tumoricidal effect and is less likely to cause damage to healthy tissues via a predictable, substantial thermal dose.

During animal trials, our HEATT procedure has allowed us to achieve and maintain a core temperature of up to 110-degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours, while balancing blood chemistries in real time and eliminating adverse effects on the heart and lungs.

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